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Step 1 
           List out your requirements on a piece of paper such as
          • How many appliances do you want in the kitchen?
          • What do you want eg. Working space, open concept, etc.
Step 2 
          Selection of shops and check on their credibility
          • Visit their showrooms and check on their workmanship
          • Get sound advice from the kitchen consultant
          • Have a wide range of products
          • If any, provide flexible payment scheme
          • Bring along your floor plan.
Step 3 
          Finalised design
          • Ensure that all matters eg. types of appliances will be place in kitchen, the position  of         the extractor fan, the kitchen and layout design, etc. are discussed with the kitchen                     consultant.
Step 4 
          Get the M&E from the kitchen consultant
          • Ensure that the M&E points and position are done at the site before installation.
Step 5
          Installation of kitchen